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5 Reasons Why Customizing Your Hydraulic Press Is Worth the Money

August 2, 2018

Hydraulic presses are the mainstay of modern machine shops. These workhorses are known for their versatility. But sometimes you need your press to accomplish a very specific primary function.

That’s when it’s smart to look into custom hydraulic presses. In the short term your cost for the press will be higher. But long term, it is the cost-effective solution. You can reap profits because the press produces exactly what you need.

Here is a look at 5 advantages of a custom hydraulic press.

#1. Professional customization that meets your precise requirements

When you work with the experts at RK Machinery, you work with an experienced designer. He will listen to what you need the press to do and engineer a custom press that is efficient and reliable.

When you work with our team of designers, you’ll know exactly what’s possible and what it will cost. You’ll have the data you need to make an informed decision.

#2. A hydraulic press that fits your shop

Owners set up machine shops in a variety of buildings and layouts. To ensure smooth workflow, you need a press that fits your premises. When you get your press custom designed, you are assured that the equipment will fit the space you have available. The designer will take into consideration the layout of your shop, including the location of permanent machinery and the specifics of your structure.

Is your space already tight? When you choose a custom model, you’ll end up with a press that fits your facility. You won’t need to worry about violating building codes or risk non-compliance with local regulations.

#3. Profitability

It’s a big decision whether or not to invest in any hydraulic press. It’s a large outlay of cash. But most machine shop owners would definitely say it’s worth the outlay.

That’s even more true of a custom hydraulic press. If your client base has a distinct need, you can make money meeting it, and often charge higher than you do with standard jobs. A custom press, designed specifically with these jobs in mind, lets you get the jobs out with precision and speed.

Because the press has been engineered to accomplish your specific requirements, there is less chance that it will break down while the job is in process. That saves you downtime and improves reliability.

#4. A press that handles the specific material you use

Do you have a client requesting unusual materials? Your standard press might not be able to handle it smoothly and produce precision results. When your hydraulic press is engineered for your distinct specifications, you know it can work with the material you commonly use.

If you can’t handle a certain type of material, you end up sending a customer to a competitor. That hurts.

But once you have a press designed for the job, you can accept the job knowing you have the equipment to handle it.

#5. Reliability

Customers come to your machine shop because they need tooling that meets their precise needs. Standard presses can accurately produce a wide range of projects.

But if your customer wants you to complete jobs with specialized requirements, accurately and on time, you might be better off with a custom hydraulic press. It will give you the exact results your customer is looking for.

By investing in a custom press, you gain a reputation for handling tricky jobs with precision, producing high-quality results. You become known as the go-to machine shop for demanding, high-paying work.

Work with the Experts at RK Machinery

Since 1980, RK Machinery has been manufacturing superior hydraulic presses. We focus on the equipment, which lets you--our customers—concentrate on your machine shop.

We produce a wide range of safe, reliable and long-lasting hydraulic presses. Parts are available all over North America. No need to worry about downtime as you wait for parts from overseas.

Our professional design team will work with you to create the exact type of custom hydraulic press to do the jobs your customers need.

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