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A Customized Hydraulic Press Can Boost Your Bottom Line

February 3, 2017

Hydraulic presses are the workhorses in machine shops all over North America. They help factories keep their equipment operating, engineers develop specific components and inventors come up with next-generation tools.

But many times a standard hydraulic press doesn’t have the exact capability that your customer is demanding. That’s when a machine shop starts looking at investing in a customized hydraulic power press to get the job done.

Reduce Time and Labor

A standard hydraulic press that has been tailored to the exact needs of specific types of jobs and materials is more efficient. Instead of doing two or three additional steps to get the job finished, the custom press can do it all in one go.

This is not just more efficient, it also reduces the changes of errors creeping into the finished product. It can also significantly reduce how much material is wasted.

The machine shop owner saves money in three ways:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Less waste
  • Faster finish times

In addition, his customers are happy so they stay with the shop for future jobs. Retaining customers is essential for profitabillty.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

The economics of machine shop profitability often depend on standing out from the crowd. There are numerous shops that handle standard type jobs, but few that have the versatility to take on unusual jobs.

The ability to tackle difficult and cumbersome projects, as well as those with very precise specifications, helps a machine shop stand out from the crowd. That’s what a customized hydraulic power press can do. You gain a reputation as the shop for non-typical, and higher-paying, jobs.

Open New Markets

Machine shops are always in search of a steady stream of work. Old customers go out of business or change their needs. Industries require new technology and new types of work. A machine shop owner has to be on his toes to adapt to these changes.

Opening new markets is essential for profitability. That’s what a customized press can do. A press that has been adapted to do distinct types of work gives any machine shop an edge in a very competitive marketplace.

Word gets around when a shop has a press that has been modified to work with different types of materials, in specific sizes and shapes. It attracts the attention of customers who need precision work done reliably and on time.

Trust Experience

RK Machinery has been designing and manufacturing high quality hydraulic presses in North America since 1980. During that time, we have earned a reputation for safety, craftsmanship, competitive prices and dependability. Our hydraulic presses are versatile and durable. Our customer service is second to none.

All of our C Frame and H Frame presses come with numerous features as standard equipment. We also provide a range of options, making these presses highly flexible and able to tackle a variety of jobs.

We know that machine shop owners are often confronted with jobs that have highly individual requirements. We’re here to help you get the job done. We are experts in tooling the right customized hydraulic power press for your needs.

Our design team and technicians work closely with you to pinpoint exactly what features you need. Then we tailor our presses to your exact specifications.

Whatever you need added or changed, we can do the job. We have years of experience adapting our presses so shops can handle a wide variety of individual projects. We are known for attention to detail and really listening to each customer.

Call our team at RK Machinery today. We are happy to answer all your questions and a free, no-obligation quote.