Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

Announcing the New 12-Ton C-Frame Press

March 1, 2016

RK Machinery is proud to announce the newest addition to its line of hydraulic presses, the 12-ton C-frame press. This is the lighter version of our popular 25-ton C-frame press.

RK Manufacturing, makers of high quality hydraulic presses since 1980, developed the lighter C-frame press in response to demand from our customers. They wanted a press as durable and versatile as our bigger models, but at a lighter weight--and price.

The 12-ton model comes with all the features that machine shops have come to expect from our other C-frames, except the oil cooler. Like the others, this model comes standard with:

  • Pressure regulator and gauge, which lets you easily limit the ram pressure
  • Stroke control that is adjustable
  • Switch for pressure reversal
  • Speed control that is adjustable
  • Four precision-ground chromed rods to guide ram travel
  • The ability to simplify setups using jog mode
  • P.L.C. programmable control system
  • High quality Baldor motor

Like our other models, the dual controls give you two options:

  • Moveable pedestal complete with dual electric palm buttons and extra emergency stop. This lets you adjust the height for comfort and easier operation.
  • OR foot pedal

The standard U-Slot table is easy to remove. Switch one table out for another to suit the specific needs of each job.

All parts are easy to find throughout North America. We use hydraulic and mechanical components that are standard in the industry. No need to wait for hard-to-find parts when you need to repair equipment. And that reduces downtime.

Like all RK Machinery hydraulic presses, it can be customized to fit the needs and specifications of your shop. Our goal is to build a hydraulic C-frame press that helps you streamline your workflow, keep your clients happy and achieve success.

RK Machinery, with over three decades as an industry leader, has a reputation for superior quality, reliability and safety in all of its hydraulic products.

Our success is based on your success. That’s why we listen to your suggestions and monitor the changing needs of machine shops big and small. We are specialists in customer service, as well as hydraulic presses.

We are continually modifying, updating and innovating to meet the needs of our customers. We focus on making the best hydraulic presses available so you can do what you do best, run your business.