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C-Frame Presses That Have Safety Light Curtains

July 5, 2019

RK Machinery was established in 1980 with the aim of building products that are reliable, safe and of the best quality. Over the years, the company has been offering superior quality equipment at an aC Frame press equipped with light curtainsffordable price. However, since the company is looking forward to offering high-quality services at all times, we always find ways to make our services better. Lately, we are offering light curtains on our C-frame presses. This not only makes the C-frame hydraulic presses safer but also effective and reliable.


What are C-Frame presses?

The C-frame hydraulic presses are reliable equipment that can be used to perform different hydraulic functions such as bending, straightening, riveting, bending, drawing, etc. To reduce the deflection of the frame and increase durability, these presses are made using firm steel. The productivity of C-frame presses is diverse because they have an indexing unit and a power pack that not only improves efficiency but also their reliability. Since these hydraulic presses are operated using the PLC control, they are efficient, popular, operated easily and at high speeds. Therefore, the introduction of the light curtains makes C-frame hydraulic presses safer, better and more reliable.

The push buttons of a C-frame hydraulic press are designed to improve and guarantee the safety of the operator because they meet the ANSI B11.2 safety requirements. In fact, C-frame presses are available with the following features: automatic cycling, cool heat exchanger, ram speed control, fast change equipment, high-speed hydraulic equipment, light curtains, etc. However, if a client has specific requirements, RK Machinery can develop these functions to meet these requirements. The heavy-duty steel side frame is used to enhance rigidity while temperature controllers and the ground steel plates are used to allow the c-frame press’ fine-tuning performance.


What are the safety light curtains?

Safety light curtains are used to improve machinery safety. They are basically made up of a transmitter head and a receiver head that holds both electronics and optics. The two heads of a safety light curtain are used to generate a field of infra-red light that acts as a detection zone. In case the infra-red light is interrupted, the safety light curtain initiates a stop signal through the two safety channels i.e. the Output Signal Switching Device (OSSD1 and OSSD2).

Light curtains have a number of pros that include the fact that they boost production. Production is boosted because operators do not have to waste time opening and closing safety gates because the light curtain system is automated. Secondly, unlike the traditional hard-wired switches that were used in the past, light curtains provide greater flexibility and reliability. It is easier for operators to move from one place to another in a production company because they are guaranteed safety even if they are carrying items on their hands. Finally, light curtains make it easy for operators to engage in other activities because they do not have to control the light curtain safety system. However, light curtains are ideal to equipment that can be halted immediately after being signaled, even in mid-cycle e.g. C-frame presses. Finally, you cannot rely on light curtains to stop flying debris even though it protects operators and/workers from getting injured especially from moving parts of machinery.