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Commonly Used Industrial Hydraulic Press

July 9, 2015

The industrial hydraulic press is the workhorse in any machine shop. But there isn’t just one. These versatile machines come in several varieties, each suited for specific types of jobs.

Here is a look at eight of the most commonly used in today’s machine shops.

C-Frame Press

Also called the gap frame hydraulic press, it appropriately is made in the shape of the letter C. The two reasons this model is so popular are:

  • It is compact, taking up less room than most presses and big devices that are used in a machine shop.
  • It is adaptable, able to work with both plastic and rubber as well as more standard materials.


H-Frame Press

This industrial hydraulic press, known for its versatility, gets its name from the fact that it looks like the letter H. It comes in a range of sizes, from 3 tons to 200 tons, and can perform several functions at the same time.

Lamination Press

This press has one purpose, to bond light and thin materials together with the use of physical pressure. This has a range of uses, including making credit cards and printed circuits.

Composite Molding Press

This hydraulic press uses the process of transfer and compression molding to mold two materials in a single pocket. They are important in the field of thermoplastics and other types of composites.

Transfer Molding Press

The transfer molding press, often found in plastics factories, is capable of both injection molding and compression functions. Because it is able to work to precise measurements and tight tolerances, it is the press that is often used for light materials. Since it preheats materials, it helps to reduce the cure time.

Vacuum Press

The vacuum press can get rid of gas vapor and air at the same time it is doing its job. Operators and press work in a closed environment, which means he has control over temperature and the pressure on the material.

Post Press

This is one of the most common presses in modern day machine shops because it supports platens in addition to the bolster assembly during the forming process.

Compression Molding Press

The compression molding press does just one job, compressing, very well. It is the most common one used in rubber molding. It is popular because it produces very little waste, making it cost effective.

Presses for Every Need

Hydraulic presses have been used since the Industrial Revolution to keep factories working. They make it possible to change pieces of metal into sheets of metal, ready for a variety of uses. They are capable of producing powders for cosmetics, making prescription tablets for pharmacies, and even thin glass.

The range of uses they have is amazing. Large ones can crush old cars. Food quality presses are used to squeeze liquid out of cocoa beans to produce cocoa powder. Other presses can turn metal into knives and even swords.

If you have questions or would like more information about an industrial hydraulic press, call us at RK Machinery. We are here to help. We carry a wide selection and have decades of experience in the industry.