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How To Choose The Best Hydraulic Press For Your Needs

May 31, 2014

How To Choose The Best Hydraulic Press For Your Needs
Several types of hydraulic presses are available for manufacturers to choose from, so knowing which one would benefit you the most is important to decide before making a final choice. The manufacturing need you may have that would require the great pressure of a hydraulic press is the main determining factor in your press choices.

Choosing The Right Amount Of PressureBest Hydraulic Press -  Pressure Regulator
While some materials bend and yield easily, other materials like some metals are resilient and require intense pressure for certain periods of time to be worked into another shape useful for production. Every application involving metal will require operators to apply pressure long enough for materials to enter plastic deformation. Choosing a press that will not provide the amount of pressure necessary to reach plastic deformation can be considered a big loss if you are depending on the final product for your profits. Learn more about the press best for your manufacturing applications by contacting RK Machinery.

Materials Matter
The materials used in your manufacturing process are an especially important consideration when choosing presses. While one press may work great for plastics, as in injection molding applications, others are more suitable for metal forging and stamping. Most applications suitable for the use of a hydraulic press involve metals. Making the right tonnage choices is important to always remember, especially for those applications requiring the use of softer metals. Some kinds of metal may not require high and extreme pressure, so checking ahead of your purchase is vital to taking home the press that will benefit you the most.

Placement Is Important
Measuring the area you plan to put a hydraulic press is important for helping you save time and money. Smaller shops may not have the space for larger presses due to the necessary space needed around a press for increased safety conditions. When making area measurements, think about the area around the press and how much will be needed for safety and greater work space. Remembering to consider safe operation during press operation is a number one concern of the professionals RK Machinery. Cages and other safety and hydraulic press accessories available through RK Machinery can help you ensure your press operation is without incident of injury.

Extrusion And Temperature
The type of metal you may use for your products may require certain temperatures for successful machining to take place. Extrusion, a process describing how you can make some products on a hydraulic press using punches and dies, can require different temperature settings. Making sure you select a press capable of handling extreme heat and cold could be important to your final product. Discussing any questions you may have about temperatures and the press you are considering with the professionals at RK Machinery is important for making the best choices.

Various Options
RK Machinery offers H-frame press, C-frame press, gantry straightening presses and much more. Several options are also available for the amount of pressure your applications require from a press as well. From 20 ton presses to those presses capable of 350 tons of pressure, you can find what you need at RK Machinery.