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Hydraulic Table Press

May 6, 2015

Small shops need machinery that can handle big jobs, but have very little space to put them in. It's the RK Machinery HFP-25 Table Press to the rescue.

The Challenges of a Small Machine Shop

Small machine shops fill important an important demand for industry, and the result can be well paying and steady work once they find their niche in the bigger marketplace.

But they still need the right equipment that can handle all the types of work their niche requires. Without lots of capital and with space at a premium, owners need to invest in machinery that is reliable, versatile, powerful and small enough to fit safety and efficiently into cramped quarters.

The RK Machinery HFP-25 HydraulicTable Press is the answer to all of your requirements.

Compact Power

At just 400 pounds, it is a compact, easy to maneuver hydraulic press that has shipping dimensions of just 34” x 40” x 52”, small enough for the most crowded shop.
The HFP-25 comes with a 1.5 HP motor, available in 115-volt and 230-volt models. With a bore of 4” and a stroke of 12”, it can handle big jobs with ease.
It has a 25-ton capacity, with a ram speed of 10 IPM for the press and 13 IPM for the return.
The sides are open, making it easy to work on longer pieces. With its electric and hydraulic operation, you are assured of a consistent, smooth pressing action, whatever the size you work on.

hydraulic power pack on this h-frame 25 ton press

The table press, with its dependable, low-speed pump, is quiet. This is essential when for people working around a press all day long.
The flat ram nose is easy to adapt, allowing quick changes for specific jobs. With cylinder activation, it can be controlled with just fingertip effort.
The more the hand level is engaged by the operator, the faster the ram movement, letting the operator easily control the speed for each project.
Finger tip control with the flat ram noise

Easy to Maintain

The three-gallon hydraulic reservoir reduces the need for constant refilling. Because it is a low-pressure hydraulic system, the HFP-25 naturally has a lower oil temperature.
The result is safer conditions for operators and higher efficiency on jobs.
All parts in the table press are industry standard, easily available everywhere in North America. This reduces downtime in the event of a repair due to waiting for parts.

Three gallon hydraulic reservoir

The HFP-25 is customizable. RK Machinery is committed to delivering presses you can use, so we offer designs customized for your shop’s needs. Call for more information.
We offer a number of options with the standard model HFP-25, including:
  • V blocks matched pair, VB-25
  • Pressure regulator for limiting the ram pressure, PR-25
  • Front safety guard which increases protection for workers, FSG-25
V-Blocks on a h Frame press

RK Machinery: Trust Experience

RK Machinery has been in business since 1980, producing high quality hydraulic presses that exceed
expectations for safety, efficiency and durability, all at a competitive price.
Call RK Machinery for all your hydraulic press needs. From small table models on up to the huge,
12,000-pound HFP-350 with its 350-ton capacity, we have the right press for your shop.