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Increase Efficiency and Profits with a Modern Hydraulic Press

January 17, 2018

The newest hydraulic presses are marvels of technology, versatile, cost-effective and precise. When you invest in a new press, you can reduce operating costs, lower material waste and get the job through the shop faster.

RK Machinery has a reputation for staying in the vanguard of the newest technology and using in to produce hydraulic presses with innovative design. Here is a look at how a new press can streamline the work in your machine shop.

Efficient and Versatile

A modern C-frame press or H-frame press from RK Machinery can easily produce the jobs demanded by even your most persnickety customers. Need to change the tonnage? Adjust the pressure? Vary the ram speed? The operator can do it simply and quickly.

The result is a faster job cycle time. The more quality work you can produce, the healthier your bottom line is. You get more out of your materials. When wastage is reduced, you make more money on each job.

Take on Precision Jobs

With a modern press, you don’t have to worry about meeting precise specifications. With adjustable power and slide control for lateral movement, you can be assured that the job you produce will be accurate. No more worries about unbalanced loads and jobs not centered properly.

You get the job out right the first time, accurately meeting the customer’s specs. Your customer is happy with the results. You are happy with how efficiently the job moves through the shop.

Making the Best Use of Technology

The computerized dashboard on a modern hydraulic press makes it easy for your operators to adjust controls for specific job requirements. It is a straightforward matter to program the press for each set of specifications.

You can accept jobs that require low tonnage, using a bigger bed press. Need high tonnage and quality finishes? Choose a small bed press. The newest presses handle multi-acting, side-acting and down-acting easily and efficiently.

New Presses Are More Cost-Effective

The newest line of presses saves you money in the short and long term. As soon as you install one, you multiply your capacity to accept jobs. One press can form, draw, drill, stamp, mold, crush, and bend.

In the longer term, you save space charges. These presses take up less than half the space of a mechanical press. Maintenance costs are much less because spare parts are easy to find. No waiting for them to arrive from across the world--they are readily available throughout North America. Need a new accessory? It is easy to find and quick to install.

Talk to the Hydraulic Press Professionals

Curious about advances in hydraulic press technology and how they can improve your bottom line? Talk to the professionals at RK Machinery. The company has decades of experience, designing and building the most innovative hydraulic presses in North America.

Operator safety is built in to every press. Parts are easy to locate all over North America, which reduces your down time. RK Machinery makes a variety of accessories that give you greater flexibility.

Call the pros at RK Machinery today to find out how a new hydraulic press can boost profits at your shop. We’re here to help and welcome your questions.