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Increase Your Market by Taking on Jobs Your Competition Can’t

August 19, 2018

Wondering if you can justify the cost of a custom hydraulic press? Consider this: when you have a press adapted to your exact needs, you can go after unusual jobs that other machine shops aren’t able to fulfill.

A custom hydraulic press can be one of the most cost-effective investments you make for your machine shop. When the press is engineered by experts to meet the precise needs of a well-paying niche, you see the benefits in your bottom line.


Stand Out in the Crowd

Increasing your customer base by soliciting atypical projects is a boon for your business. The wider your market, the less you will be affected by slowdowns in the economy. You’re taking steps to assure that the flow of work through your shop will remain steady.

Uncommon jobs require special attention by machine shops. And customers are willing to pay well to get them done correctly and on time. When a project needs to meet highly precise specifications or uses uncommon materials, the customer can’t get it done at just any shop. But with a custom press, you can.

You’ll get a reputation as the go-to shop in your locality and for a specific field. Compare that to sending a customer to a competitor to get the job done. Get known for taking on difficult, unconventional jobs and you won’t have to worry about the competition. They’ll be worrying about you.


Is It Worth the Money?

When you know you can do an unusual job quickly and precisely, you can confidently bid on jobs that other shops pass on. If you can do more types of jobs, and unusual, well paying jobs, you bring more money into the business.

Without a custom hydraulic press, you are limited to conventional jobs that a host of other shops in your area are also bidding on. You are all aiming for a slice of the same, limited pie.

With a press adapted to your needs, you in effect make your own pie. Since fewer shops have the capability to do the job, you are one of just a handful of owners bidding. You have a bigger chance of landing excellent paying projects.

Getting a custom press is a cost-effective, far-seeing business investment. You are expanding your potential market. At the same time, you set yourself apart as one of the few shops able to execute demanding projects.


Let RK Machinery Engineer Your Custom Hydraulic Press

With over 40 years of experience in the custom hydraulic press field, RK Machinery has a reputation for innovation, craftsmanship, superior materials and excellent customer service. Our goal is to provide you with the hydraulic press that meets your exact requirements.

We will engineer a press that is the size you need for the physical layout of your shop. No more squeezing a press into a too-small space. You will get a press that can easily handle any atypical materials that your jobs require.

Our team of designers and builders will work closely with you. Using our combined experience and skill, we can advise you about the range of presses available, which ones are best for your needs, and what type of customizing will best fit your application.

We take pride in our reputation for trustworthy, professional guidance. We want to help you make an informed decision so you get a press adapted to your needs.

Call RK Machinery today to find out how a custom hydraulic press can help your business.